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I've decided to invent a meme that requires effort, is fun, and most importantly won't leave me wanting to tear my eyes out when I see it proliferate.

Find a (web)comic you like, then create a strip in which you personally make a guest appearance.

I picked Diesel Sweeties because my pixel skills far outweigh any of my other drawing ones, I love Red Robot, and because Richard Stevens is awesome beyond words.

I didn't know what to put in terms of artist/concept recognition that didn't sound like a 12-year-old Elfwood user begging Larry Elmore not to sue her for posting a pencil-on-legal-pad interpretation of Tasslehoff Burrfoot, so I'm not going to put anything on the subject save: read Diesel Sweeties and support R Stevens.

A lot of you are drawers! Make me proud!

Bonus points if your writing is good too.
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