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(I get away with it by claiming antejulian calendarship)

2006 State Of The Div

Patrons, adulators, and malefactors! I address you from my Caladonian home to tell you of things.

A new year is upon us. As such, there are some news and olds regarding your humble friend.

I would first like to declare 2006 to be my first semicentennial Jubilee Year. That is to say that all debts to me are forgiven. Yup. You're all off the hook. I know, for instance, that Pudicus has been having trouble sleeping lately, wracked by the guilt of how many Cokes he owes me over lost bets, and I cannot live with that anymore. Fly free, little bird. Fly free. I'm a huge fan of Yovel, and would like to bring it back to the masses. Anyone who wants to help can declaring this his or her first Jubilee also, and we'll celebrate it again in 2056. It'll be a good time. Oh, you also have to release all your slaves, if you have any. so, er... get on that.

On a sadder note, it has been 367 days, since Mom died, and aside from spending an ungodly amount of money and time moving and getting settled in to a new place, I still feel like nothing has really changed for me since. I'm still, essentially, working for a living and advancing slowly. So much in fact, that I can pretty much sum up my year for this state address in, like, five paragraphs. I've made lots of great new friends, but haven't really made any headway into my stated purpose for moving, outside of not freezing to death over winter, of which I am quite proud. It's weird how all kinds of things are happening at home, with the house and family and relationships and whatnot. It feels like I just get the view of how life goes on without my presence, like It's A Wonderful Life or somesuch.

I missed my admission deadline for the University of Washington for fall, but that's okay. I work with lots of people with BA degrees, and we're pretty much all in the same boat regardless. Political science is a nice academic field, but not applicable until I'm older. Almost every politician in history has had a law, military, or business career for prior to politicking, and I'm just not in the position to do so yet. Anything I could do with my degree, working for campaigns and whatnot, I can do without as well. Therefore, I have be working on something more workable until then.

So, in short, I'm doing plan B first, then moving back to plan A in two years. In one month, I'll be going to Seattle Central for a year and a half to attain a degree in Apparel Design. As some of you know, it's something I've always been interested in, and I've done a bit of preliminary design work anyhow, but have no technical knowledge or expertise or equipment with which to put it into practice. This series of courses will force all three upon me. I would actually have to develop a line as my degree thesis, which is awesome.

As a final point, I started a project in 2005 and shall report on it's progress. If you remember, I started a new diet, based in part on tesla's a little over a year ago. At the time, I weighed 203 lbs, 57 of which were pure fat. That sounds so gross. Sixty pounds of fat! As of today, I weigh 163lbs, only 28 of which are fat. Mind you, thirty pounds of fat still sounds gross, but I feel much better. I am now literally half as fat as I was a year ago. I assume the other ten lost pounds was water and bone mass to support the extra weight. Now I could chalk it up to proper eating, exercise, et cetera, but the truth is that neph has gotten lazy about transferring fat to me via voudou. I myself accredit this to my own dealings with the Ti Malice, whom I feel I have a better working relationship with than Neph at this point. Oh, in case you were wondering, no there will not be a followup set of naked me pictures this time around. Maybe down the road. Or by request.
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