just another out-of-work satyrisci (divinus) wrote,
just another out-of-work satyrisci

Life is still in flux. Should be stabalising in the next day or two, I hope. Staying with really awesome people, but want to give them their couch back. =) If things go well, I'll be able to post pictures of my new place and of all the adventures I've gone through.

In the meantime, go to your local landmark theatre (thats Tivoli / Hi Pointe for you st. louis folk), and see Mirrormask. It's Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's new film, (with a lot of work done by the Jim Henson Company) and it is gorgeous. In a lot of ways, it bears a similarity to Wizard Of Oz and Neverending Story, but is completely original and absolutely delightful.

Go see it! I have commanded it.
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