just another out-of-work satyrisci (divinus) wrote,
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In approximately 8 hours, i'll be leaving my permanent residence of St. Louis and heading out west.

I'm a little panicky. I don't quite feel like i'm prepared for this.

I once said that everything that I own could be burned to the ground except my hard drive and my teddy bear, Jambalaya.

That's not too far from the case right now. It's bizarre how expensive moving is. I'm kindof doing this triage right now on the value of things versus the cost of shipping them. I have something like 12 cubic feet to work with here. =\

Wish me good travels and i'll read all about it a few days after I get to Seattle.

To all my friends I'm leaving behind, I love you all dearly and I'm not sure that I'll be okay without you. I'll miss every one of you.

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