just another out-of-work satyrisci (divinus) wrote,
just another out-of-work satyrisci

So, for those wondering about the logistics of Tink and my exodus to the new promised land that is Seattle, here it is:

LocationTotal Miles TravelledHours (and total) at 65mi/h
Day 1
St. Louis, MO00
Springfield, MO2153.31
Tulsa, OK3966.09
Oklahoma City, OK5037.74
Amarillo, TX76111.71
Albuquerque, NM104916.14
Day 2
Flagstaff, AZ13704.94 (21.08)
Phoenix, AZ15157.17 (23.31)
San Diego, CA186912.62 (28.75)
Day 3
Los Angeles, CA19891.85 (30.60)
San Francisco, CA23697.69 (36.45)
Portland, OR300317.45 (46.20)
Day 4
Seattle, WA31762.66 (48.86)
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