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I imagine there is a certain calm in anticipation. Some people call it the 'quiet before the storm.'

I suppose I'm about to that point.

Since I haven't written anything of value in several months, which is in itself questionable, I suppose I should give some background. Xellie and Pudicus have been living with my father and me for several weeks (Senatus Populusque Ruina!!). It's a pretty good time. Not only do I live with friends, it significantly cuts down on the mortgage and utils, and we only lose the master bedroom and kitchen in the process. =) I'm about to finish off junior college, which is to say that tomorrow is my final for my last course, which I have a solid 'A' in. I also have a new job, working for Outback, which is pretty good money and really good food. The uniform is ridiculous though: white shoes, every day of the year. Jesus wept.

So here's where things are starting to pick up. Soon, I'll be applying to the University Of Washington, in Seattle, for poltical science. Once I get in, I'll be also going for economics and law. Since it'll take several months to a year to attain residency status, it means that I'll have to be moving there and establishing myself in relatively short order. One of the advantages of working at a chain restaurant is that you can transfer pretty easily, and I should have enough money to get myself a place and maybe meet people so I don't watch the walls all day. Technically, this would mean there would be an opening here once i'm gone, but thats still only a strong possibility. (Anyone interested?) For all I know I might wind up at UMSL, slitting my arms open.

I suppose that's about it for the recent past and nigh future.

More to come, someday.
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