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Public Service Announcement

For anyone doing homework, especially that of paper-writing, I highly suggest a blend of coffee and E&J's Cask & Cream liqueur (If you prefere whiskey to brandy, Bailys works just fine). The point being that the caffeine is a stimulant and diuretic, alcohol is a depressant and disinhibitant, and cream is a subcutaneous adipose anabolist, or fattenant. The stimulant and depressant combine to make you go sideways, while the drink's other qualities ensure that you're pissing words onto your page, not caring about them, and growing fatter all the while.

At least, it's working for me pretty well.

Additionally, I crave marula. Anyone who can bring to me the fruit of the Sclerocarrya birrea tree may fellate me whilst I eat it.

That is all.
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