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So things are not well at home. Mom has been bed-ridden for about a week now and is entering the final stages of cancer, which is not good. I'll keep everyone updated on that later though.

As of this weekend, all the accounts and bills and everything have been transferred into my name and I've assumed, actively, my mother's power of attorney. I'm about to start bleeding something in the range of $1500 a month, which is not good, but might be manageable with life insurance payouts and whatnot. As of 1 March, everyone in the midwest entered elligability for one free credit report a year, and mine isn't looking too good. It's still marred by the lawsuite against me for RC3 (which is on xell and terra's too, i would think) and my car. On the upside, RC3 is almost paid off (another few hundred or so). This means that when all is said and done, i'll have overpaid about $1400.

Since it's been almost five years since we moved into rc3, which is according to the statute of limitations for small claims lawsuites, i'll have to file them in the next couple of weeks. This is not a slight against any of you (except maybe karen) or a response to your frivilous spending habits, but i have to file them soon or the debts will, legally, expire.

If you want to set up a contract though (like 1/12th the amount per month for the next year or something, then that would be sufficient to renew the debt, thus creating a expiration date, and i'd be fine with that too. That'd be about $14 a month for kaly, $22 a month for cody, $34 for tim, and $38 for karen. Those are negotiable, of course. The suites, if filed, would have to be filed for adjusted 2001 dollars, which is about 6.6% higher plus legal fees.)

Again, I want to stress that this isn't anything against you guys, but it's been 44 months since you moved out of there. this is just rediculous at this point, and i don't have the luxury of waiting around anymore.
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