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On the freedoms of atheism.

[ Advance Health Directive | Contingency VII ]

  In the event that I (a) am rendered mentally incapacitated to status of brain death or severe disability, by disease or physical damage; (b) do not suffer any chronic bloodborne disease; (c) have sufficiently outlived the ban on sourcing blood products from males with homosexual experiences; THEN I hereby authorize the following course of action, as outlined herein:

• Any and all brain function remaining must be disabled, surgically or medicinally, permanently.

• My body will be provided basic life support, including, but not limited to, respiration and dialysis, iron-rich nutritional formula, by way of nasogastric tube, so that my body’s face may be permanently sealed to minimize naso-oral infection.

• A central venous catheter will be installed. It will be used to deliver additional antivirals and antibiotics, saline solution, and to extract blood.

• My body’s blood volume will be reduced to a level maximizing blood production while maintaining cellular respiration. This blood will be considered a donation to the medical facility housing my body, to be used in research or transfusions as it sees fit.

• My body will continue to serve as a living and indefinite donor until (a) it no longer produces viable blood; (b) it is rendered obsolete or inefficient by synthetic production or overabundance of more efficient donors; (c) it develops disease invalidating its usefulness; (d) the general population develops such that blood group O negative is no longer useful for transfusion.

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