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Okay, bitches. Listen up. It's time to pay tribute to me.

My 23rd Birthday is approaching and I demand many happy returns!!

As to effect that, you are hereby requested and required to attend a feast in my honour a day, a week, and a fortnight from today by your own wage, so that you may tell me wonderful things of myself.

Id est, Tuesday 13 September 2005 - We will dine at the Monarch.

You will ingest a minimum of five courses. The cost to you should be $50 - $70, although that is sans vino. During a previous 23rd birthday, Pud and I dropped $100 each, although that represented exceptional levels of indulgence. You may preview our menu here.

It is very important that you attend, because I am going to leave you forever; I'm moving to Seattle the weekend of 23 September, via Albuquerque.

Now go and prepare, thralls!
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