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for those who didn't hear...

The Urban Exploration went well. There were five of us, though only three actually went into the storm drain. Unlike our first engagement with the thing about a year ago, most of the mud had been cleared out (it was a fathom deep last time!). The humidity was so think in the air that even our high powered lights woudn't penetrate more than a short distance, and let me tell you, when you're 30 feet underground and you can't see anything ahead or behind you except darkness, it's kinda spooky.

Unfortunately, we did some crawling through the water, and now I think I may now have some kind of superbubonic hepatitodiptheriantary, or something else horrible.

However. It was totally worth it. If not for the adventure, then for the look on the face of the security guard when I came crawling out of a manhole in front of him. =) We had a brief conversation with him, and I was quite manic. I think he was too shocked to call the police. It was great.

Next time, we conquer the tallest building in Westport. Oh yes. I'm going for the gold, baby.
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