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You know, I don't post enough, but a I read a lot.

Therefore, I'm going to make a pluggy post about webcomics, because I likes em. Specifically, I'm going to link you all about the ones I think are good so that you may enjoy them too, if you so like, and ask that if there is something you think I would like to read, that you comment with a link to it and a microsummary. If this starts a meme though, i'm shooting every one of you and myself (afterwards, don't think you'll get off that easy).

Everyone is familiar with Penna Arcade, so I'm not going to say anything about it, but get it out of the way for the sake of completness. I like Gabe, but Tycho has a cooler namesake.

Mac Hall, by Matt Boyd and Ian McConville, is fairly amusing about academia and geekdom in general. They've come a /long/ way, artistically. Unfortunately, it seems as though the art has continuously improved while the writing has gone somewhat downhill. Still a good read, though.

Errant Story, written and drawn by Michael Poe is his second work I've enjoyed, the first being the now-over, but still totally worth reading Exploitation Now. Errant Story is about the politicking of a powerful church, several elven nations, and a some martial arts schools. The central plot is a half-elf girl on a quest to find an ancient tome to gain god-like powers to pass her final exams with, and the people she travels with on the way.

Gone for a long time, and sort-of back is Life Of Riley, by Dan Jaaren, which went pretty solid and was some mixture of a group of Floridian geeks, and of course angels, demons, vampires, and lots of other occult judaism, with plenty of fun mixed in. If the Ruinists had really built and incorporated more of a theological aspect to our existance, and any of us could and would draw, we might have had made something similar. The series went on a something like 6 month hiatus, but is back and has updated like thrice in as many months. So it's slow now, but worth reading the archives of.

R.K. Milholland's Something Positive has gained a lot of recognition in the past year, and is probably the second most recognised one on this list, following PA. It's about aloof Davan his sado-cynical asian comrades, Aubrey and PeeJee, friend Jason, and amorphous cat, Choo-Choo Bear. There's too much to summarise here, with A and B and C plots roaming around madly. It's good. Read it. It updates every day and is the artist's sole line-of-work.

New Gold Dream is Milholland's side-project. It's basically an rpg being ran inside the SP world by PeeJee, with characters similar looking to actual persons in said universe. You were there, and you were there, and you too. (Like Oz). It's pretty okay so far, but Randy's been waiting for his backlog to fill up before he starts posting them regularly in June.

Sexy Losers, formerly The Thin H Line, by Clay, is an old hentai-based comic. I'm fairly certain there is male or female nudity, pissing, cumming, or something of that ilk in each one. It's quite blatant, but ohhh so funny. The upside: The archives are done by theme, so you can follow characters around semi-linearly and whatnot. The downside: the artist has some kind of wrist inflamation (fap fap joke here), and doesn't update much at all anymore. As in, the last comic is dated 2004. It's a howl to read though.

This would be a good place to insert an old friend of mine, The Parking Lot Is Full. Iconoclastic, funny, and oh-so-wrong. It's drawn by Jack McLaren and written by Pat Spacek. It uses everything from McDonalds characters, so Sesame Street, to everyday folks. I guess it's a bit like Larson's Far Side boiled into an uebertincture, and injected straight into your eyes. The strip ended in 2002, but it's totally worth reading. As an aside, while it was going, before we had RSS feeds and whatnot, we'd get notified of updates via mailing list, which always contained a good really pulpy fiction.

A Lesson Is Learned (But The Damage Is Irreversible), written by Dale Beran and drawn by David Hellman, despite the clunky title, is awesome. It's a little inexplicable, but in a dreamlike kind of way: excusable, if you will. The art is /really/ fun, and like PLIF, it often contains a good chunk of finction with it, although it only updates once every week or two.

The Perry Bible Fellowship, by Nicholas Gurewitch, rules. It's often a little inexplicable as well, but soooo cute and terrible. Terrible dyno-, not terrible Costner. It has a multitude of themes. I think the artist sits around and thinks of something and giggles and writes it, no matter what it is. YOu will read it. It is good.

My personal jury is still out on Kazu Kibuishi's Copper. It's like a really cute calvin and hobbes, without any ill will or sarcasm. It makes you feel better, but that doesn't mean it's good. It's like masturbating into a hallmark card, but with really really good art. I still read it, though.

Jeph Jacques writes and draws Questionable Content. He illustrates it /entirely/ on a Wacom tablet. A lot of people use them, but if you look at your average Oekaki board, you can't help but /really/ respect this guy's work. It's super clean art that's really funny and has really likable characters. One downside, for me anyhow, is the hipster theme going. Imagine that all the computer geekery of most of these webcomics was replaced with music geekery, and that's what you get here, but there's a lot of play between people archetypes and such that work to its advantage. I suspect that it will lead to a popularisation of "Foo McFooeypants", "Footron" "Foosaurus" type words for people in the near future.

Jacques' side project, Indie Tits, is more music focused than QC, and the art is reduced to reused scenes with various speech bubbles. Think PA's Bench series. It's still pretty good though, and always two frames, so it's a fast chuckle, and the tits are awfully cute, i must say, especially the ones out in the winter setting.

Okay, that's all. I know I kinda got bored halfway through and went generic, but that's okay, cause I don't care. Feel free to leave suggestions of your own.

There are a lot of them, but it's not so bad. Cause I use Opera, and that means they all load simultaneously with three keystrokes (or two mouse clicks), bitches.
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